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Welcome to the home page of the United States Public Policy Council  We are a public interest, not-for-profit organization organized under the 504(C)4 section of the Internal Revenue Service code.  Founded in 1987.

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Our organization has supported CPAC over the years, enjoy this section from the 2009 conference:
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Our Mission

We seek to educate, inform and persuade the general public and policy makers on major public policy issues that America faces.  Our focus as a grass roots organization is on issues related to America's vital national security interests.

After 9/11, organizations such as ours faced tough times and the vast giving to the Red Cross and other disaster relief charitable organization took a lions share of the nations giving and the increasingly burdensome regulatory environment on organizations engaging in free speech.  In response, our organization has adopted a number of conservative cause projects spawned by other smaller groups.  The smaller groups were more seriously hurt by the aftermath of 9/11 and with regulatory compliance costs skyrocketing, they simply could not continue to underwrite the projects.  So we stepped in to keep the public debate on those issues alive.

We continue to sponsor projects that merit public debate and are of vital national interest.   In the past, we have sponsored such conferences as the American Leadership Conference (formerly the Western Conservative Conference.), the Conservative Political Acton Conference, American Conservative Conference and the Mission to Panama.  Our conference speakers have included Former Congressman Bob Dornan, Lyn Nofziger, Congressman Tom Tancredo, and an array of public figures including Johnny Chung of Chinagate fame.  

Mission to Panama was a series of unique conferences of American citizens traveling to Panama to engage in discussions with Panamanian public and private notables about the future of the Panama Canal.  Our delegation met with Ambassador to Panama Linda Watt for a one hour briefing by the department heads.   We had luncheon with then Ambassador to Panama from Taiwan, David Hu.  (Though the Ambassador planned to pay for lunch, we beat his staff to the register and paid for the meal. The Ambassador in turn, graciously sent every member of our delegation a huge fruit basket, most of us could not finish the baskets before leaving Panama.  Members of our delegation appeared on Panamanian radio and television discussing the issues surrounding the Panama Canal and their relationship with the United States.

We sponsor projects in the light of the original intent of of the Drafters of the Constitution.  We seek to apply these fundamental and vital principles in the national debate on important and often difficult to grasp policy matters.  We seek to clarify the issues for our readers.  Our aim is cut through the jargon and Washington spin and present the issues in a way that the often muddled public policy implications are clear to the typical person. 

Our financial information is publicly available, if you email us with your postal address we will be happy to provide it for you by mail.

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